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Motion Express Dance Studio St. Louis

Motion Express is a Dance Studio in St. Louis devoted to providing a quality education that will foster a love for dance and acrobatics as an art form.

Our dedicated, experienced and nurturing staff of dance teachers recognize the importance of creating a classroom environment that focuses on positive reinforcement and developing a sense of self worth.  They encourage students to be self-disciplined and responsible while providing them with the skills to explore, create and experience movement.

For the serious dancer and acrobat, Motion Express offers Dance Force and Power Club Express.  Highly awarded and admired regionally and nationally, Dance Force and Power Club Express focus on developing the performer!  Our choreographers and coaches are adept at pushing boundaries and helping our students reach deep down inside themselves to realize exceptionally true and beautiful performances.

Why Motion Express for Your Student?

Experienced and nurturing

Our teachers are degreed professionals who are enthusiastic about teaching and developing a sense of self-worth through dance and acrobatics.

Boundary-pushing and artistic

We never stop exploring, creating or innovative new ways of moving or performing

Technical expertise and variety

The variety within our program offers a class for every type of student.  Whether you are a recreational student or a company member each class focuses on technique and execution of steps while providing an enjoyable and inspirational atmosphere.

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