New Homeschool Dance Program!

Motion Express is announcing a new dance program for the St. Louis homeschooling community!

Miss Tanya and Miss Kathleen will be providing once per week classes at Southgate Church. The Motion Express registration site will let you know what classes are available during each semester.  Additionally, we will be starting homeschool-oriented classes at our Motion Express studios.

You can get some information about the different classes by clicking on each class name in the menu under “Homeschool”.

Announcing: “Yogalates” Class @ MEX


“Yogalates” is a perfect class for busy working adults…. now you don’t have to find time to take 3 separate class!  With our Yogalates class, we combine the elements of Yoga, Ballet, and Pilates all in one!  This class helps build core strength, increase flexibility, and improve balance and posture!  Feel good and tone your muscles at the same time!