Power Club Express

If you like Gymnastics, you will LOVE Acrobatic Gymnastics!

Acrobatic Gymnastics is a relative newcomer to the gymnastics circuit in the United States.  Prior to joining USA Gymnastics, it was called sports acrobatics and was affiliated under the name USSA – United States Sports Acrobatics.  The sport joined USA Gymnastics in 2002.  Rather than using apparatus, athletes work with each other to perform balance and flight skills.

Athletes perform on an Olympic size spring floor combining dance, gymnastics skills and synchronization.  There are five events included with the discipline.  The events include women’s pair, men’s pair, mixed pair, women’s trio, and men’s four.  Each pair/group performs routines to music, featuring engaging choreography, acrobatic and tumbling skills, partner balances, and dynamic (flight) skills.

Athletes of varying heights, weights, and body types can participate in the sport.  Smaller, flexible athletes train as tops while taller and stronger athletes train for base positions.

Acrobatic gymnastics is a sport that demonstrates both athleticism and grace, in combination with sport and art.  Power Club Express – PCE – has had a competitive team since 1991, training athletes for local, national, and international competitions.  Our athletes have come home with gold, silver, and bronze medals from every national championship they have attended for the past 23 years.